GERD is a digestive disease that can make it a challenge to eat, swallow, and even sleep. It’s a condition that most often affects adults, gerdbut it can also show up in children. There are distinct symptoms that will let you know if you have a case of GERD. Learn more about how it can be diagnosed and treated by your gastroenterologist Dr. Saeed Ahmed at Digestive Disease Associates of Central Florida in Wesley Chapel, FL.

What Is GERD?
GERD is an acronym for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. It happens when acid and stomach contents regurgitate into the throat. The esophagus fails to prevent stomach fluids from entering and traveling back up to your mouth. This “reflux” of acids causes irritation of the throat and is often accompanied by heartburn. GERD is often caused by eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages that irritate the stomach. Patients who are overweight or sedentary are more prone to having GERD symptoms.

Common GERD Symptoms
Your Wesley Chapel digestive doctor will confirm whether you have GERD after an examination, but there are a few signs to look out for to diagnose this issue yourself:

- Difficulty swallowing saliva or food.
- More frequent swallowing throughout the day.
- A sensation that something is always caught in the back of your throat.
- Sore or itchy throat.
- Intermittent coughing, burping, and hiccupping.
- Burning sensation in the chest (heartburn).
- Bloated feeling.

GERD Treatments
This digestive disorder can usually be treated and managed successfully. Your doctor will likely recommend the following treatments to help relieve GERD symptoms:

- Medication to calm the stomach and inhibit acid secretion.
- Identification of food allergies that may be causing indigestion.
- Nutritional advice and diet modification. Exercise and activity may also help.
- Esophageal or anti-reflux surgery in rare, advanced cases.

Get Help with Your Digestive Problems
A digestive disorder like GERD can interfere with your life in a number of ways, which is why you should talk to a doctor about it. Call Digestive Disease Associates of Central Florida in Wesley Chapel, FL today at (813) 994-4800 to explore treatment options.

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